Hứa Hiếu | thE pOrtrAIt (18)

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By Hứa Hiếu, translation by Nguyễn Thị Phương Trâm


thE pOrtrAIt


the poems always have lots of hidden meanings

out of the ordinary

the portrait contains many crooked

outlines unacceptable

at face value, or hints of intricate questions

in every swaying sips of wine always the question of the odd

nonsense accepted

from so many words

the contradiction, and even in the gloom

its character

I can’t lie, if you have a few minutes spare

look into 

the sketch

the portrait

of a poem

here nor there

in life, the existence 

of so much contradictions

that you must simply accept

to complete 

a poem,

in black and white


chÂn dUng


bài thơ luôn có lắm ẩn dụ

bất thường

trong chân dung của nó luôn lắm có nét phác thảo


mặt, hoặc lắm nghi vấn kiêu kỳ

những ngụm rượu ngất ngưởng luôn đặt…

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