The Way

Savvy Raj

Trust the self …it knows the way!

Our body is intelligence personified

Every cell of our being holds the truth of our existence

Our every move is deeply interconnected and entwined with our emotions

We are how we feel and sense.

We are sensitive beyond compare in the subtlety of being

We are strong beyond compare to dare the toughest of challenges

Life and living makes and breaks us

But we are meant to survive…

We are born with intuitive intelligence

Designed to be our internal guide

In every moment that we live.

We have a sense of knowing

Beyond all logic and reasoning

It is speaking to us every time

It lights your heart with joy

It signals you when there is a doubt

Trust it, sense it in all it subtlety

It is talking to us…let’s begin to listen in,

For it shows the way…


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Kim V. Poetry

What we have, can’t be explained
Or quantified.
It’s not to be understood
Or comprehended.

Our love is unpredictable
And unapologetic.
A miracle amongst the rubble and the ashes of the real world.

Our love is blind to the pain that surrounds us.
Because life is treacherous.
A magnifying glass,
Amplifying each other’s talents and burning away each other’s pasts.

Our love is the antidote to the poison of sorrow, that courses through our veins.
The thing that keeps our hearts beating.

Our bodies may die,
But our love lives on in the galaxies.
Our love makes us phantoms, floating amongst the stars.

Our love makes us immortal.

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Golden Bloggerz Award

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Cranny has very kindly nominated me for this award. Cranny has a wonderful blog and is very active in the blogosphere. If you aren’t already familiar with her, do visit her awesome blog.


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Three things about me;

I like following my set routine and doing things in a certain order so that I remain stress free. I like to have at least a days worth of posts done beforehand. That’s why I usually…

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