When you are strong……

Keep it alive

When you are strong 
Then people take you for granted
They choose to ignore your pain and hurt
Thinking that since you don’t complain, you’re okay

When you are strong
You don’t ask for their help
Or cry tears of frustration when things go haywire
You struggle on your own, tackling problems
With resolve and determination to do it your way

When you are strong
Those near you need to see those unshed tears
That glint in your eyes but don’t escape
They need to look closely and see that you struggle too



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Lighting Rods



I give in

To your wild wind

Your circling storm

I take shelter under lighting rods

I have no ground

Nor do I seek one

I held on to your clouds

And drank of your rain

My fingers they fail

And my words they do too

I ripped myself naked for you

Showed you my insides

And you did marvel

You sipped my sweet tea with your long straw

You collected it

And you injected it for euphoric high

Do my bouncing boobies bore

Ahhhh surely not

These golden nipples ha

They are fresh for suckle

Dare not use turning eyes

For I take shelter under lightning rods

Where mere broads refuse to tread

One taste from my tongue squashes a 70 year old fantasy

Come here in an inaudible sway in many poems in a book written for an enigma called Stella and ME

As my booty bounces on…

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For My Sweet


I pressed a wooden rose into the pages of your digital poetry book

The one secretly named “For My Sweet Stella”

Each word of love and happiness and crazy chiseled into virtual history

Do you hear the piano keys tickle

Or the smooth bluesy of the sax in the corner

Just a passing of time

Still in that bluesy scene

Lots of nothings whispered in my ear

Sweet ones

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~ I’ll Not Ask You Again ~

The Works of A. L. O'Prunty

~ I’ll Not Ask You Again ~

I’ll be gone
Latched in pine
Covered in dirt
And the hurt
Will consume you
Drag you down
Til gasping for breath
As if drowning
Tangled in a seaweed
Of excuses
You’ll remember
The important things
Late, way to late
And yes, you’ll cry
Tears of regret
Though my eyes will not see
Nor my ears hear –
For that, I am thankful,
I never could bare
To see you broken.


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