Writing Haiku, Poetry Again #Journey #Poetry

Poems for Warriors

Yesterday’s haiku, “Spring Days” was the first haiku I have written in forever! Okay, I am being a little dramatic and hyperbolic. It has been a few months maybe? I don’t know. I didn’t go back to check.

What’s the point here?

I have not been regularly writing new poetry of late. I am actually in the middle of “finishing” a new collection of poetry, which I am excited to finish, but I have felt like it has been a long time (for me) that I have written new poetry, haiku and other Japanese-style poetry that I used to pump out constantly.

The other day I was telling my kids about a 4th or 5th grade class where once a week our class had a Japanese language instructor come in and teach us Japanese. Now, I don’t remember very much of what we learned. I think we attempted to write…

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One thought on “Writing Haiku, Poetry Again #Journey #Poetry

  1. Been struggling with Writer’s Block, lately. You gave me an idea, though. I should write poems or proses everyday no matter how shallow they could be, I don’t know, let the words flow naturally, maybe then I’ll get over this looming sadness because of not being able to write anything. But what good am I as a writer if I couldn’t write even my frustrations.


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