Cliched Epiphanies


Me and the loverboy were watching Thor this weekend – after deciding to do a Marvel binge which has us watching all the movies in (timeline) order. Which is awesome. Cause I love Marvel. Not just for the actionpacked (and sixpacked) storylines, but also because they manage to slip in some braincracking gems and morals every now and again that get my ticker ticking and grey matter spinning.

This time it was the end scene that got me going.
Spoiler Alert!

She searches for you’ says Heimdal. Meaning that Jane, after Thor leaving, now has her life revolving about finding a way back to him. Which, obviously, is a lovely endeavor and excruciatingly romantic (I hate people who are so effortlessly romantic, as I am not). But the thing is, she now knows what she is looking for, and that it is out there to be found.


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