Kim V. Poetry

She calls for her lover,
From the depths of the water,
Deep in the shadows

Starved for his kiss,
She smiles,
Knowing the outcome.

Oh, how she's missed this.
Each one of her suitors,
Vastly different than the others.
But just as tasty.

The waves crash
Against his boat
And he sees her there.
An Angel floating in the blue.
He smiles,
Thinking he knows the outcome.

Oh, how beautiful she is.
A kiss from her,
It is a dream come true.

She reaches out her hand to him,
He hesitates,
But only for a moment.
She's every wish come true.

But she pulls him close,
Breathes in his scent.
Sweat, blood, desperation.
He's perfect.

She is a dark goddess.
The color of the sky,
Lips as red as rubies.

He doesn't feel the cold Rush over him. He doesn't feel the pain Or the crush of the ocean Around…

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