Told you so!


What do you mean – you know it better?
What do you mean – you know it best?
What do you mean – your method’s faster?
What do you mean – it passed the test?

Don’t you know that I am wiser?
Don’t you know that I’m so smart?
Then why is it that when I am SO right…
You always take it so damn hard?

Would it hurt for you to listen?
Would it hurt just to comply?
Can you not admit it’s faster…
When it’s my words you live by?

Not that it really matters…
Not that I mind when you go slow…
Cause when all is said and done…
I fucking love saying ‘I told you so’.

Muahahahaha. Muahahahaha. -insert more evil laughter-.

Man, I’m a horrible person.

And I love it.

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