Putting It All Together

Source of Inspiration

Slowly the pieces of the puzzle
are falling into place revealing
a picture of life more profound
that I have ever imagined.
Childhood mystical experiences,
dreams, visions, people who
traveled parts of my life with me,
my introduction to death,
the awareness of Dark Forces
contrasts with Beings of Light.
Each a piece of the puzzle.

There is more–much more
to come as we awaken to
who we are and what our role is.
Look for the links in your
life–we each have them. Fit
your pieces of the puzzle together
with mine, and then with others.
“We are One” is a concept
with many layers. Be open to
exploring these multiple realities.

Do not be frozen with fear.
Our Creator guides and protects.
Reach out your hand, take
that first step. We are
becoming all that we are.

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