Wanderlust… And a great singer.

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                         Damn those eyes…..

Pretty face, demanding loving eyes.
Soft voice making me feel weak and captured.
Soft touch of hands making me fall into deep embrace.
Those eyes make me swim in the dangerous river of hope.
Damn those eyes.
Those eyes make me want to know wanderlust and forget where I was going
Fall into your embrace and become drunk with you in a wild love and untamed love. You and I.

                        Write on me…

Milky white Winter skin showing and your robust body moving slowly to the song.
You dance near the candles and the candle lights are weaving. Leonard is singing “The Stranger song” and I watch you dance for me. You fall to my feet and you whispered. “You are my poetry, you are my love, you are my curse and I need you to make me pay for loving you…

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