Humor: A Grilled Dog Between a Bun, by Mark Tulin/The Haven

Sometimes Ignorance Is Bliss!

Crow On The Wire

Special thanks to The Haven for publishing this poem in their extremely funny site.

I loved hotdogs as a kid,
but now I fear the processed food 
I know what’s in it
The waste products
that shorten a lifespan,
the fat that clogs the arteries
Not to mention cardiovascular disease
and type two diabetes

All those additives and dyes
The possibility of cancer
The worry and the trauma
The comfort food that knocks
on death’s door

As a child, I didn’t think about
what I put inside of me
I had only one agenda
To be happy and satisfied
To slather a Dodger Dog with mustard and relish
on a warm, toasted bun,
and watch a ballgame from the bleachers
with a mouthful of a footlong.

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