Wanderlust… And a great singer.

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                         Damn those eyes…..

Pretty face, demanding loving eyes.
Soft voice making me feel weak and captured.
Soft touch of hands making me fall into deep embrace.
Those eyes make me swim in the dangerous river of hope.
Damn those eyes.
Those eyes make me want to know wanderlust and forget where I was going
Fall into your embrace and become drunk with you in a wild love and untamed love. You and I.

                        Write on me…

Milky white Winter skin showing and your robust body moving slowly to the song.
You dance near the candles and the candle lights are weaving. Leonard is singing “The Stranger song” and I watch you dance for me. You fall to my feet and you whispered. “You are my poetry, you are my love, you are my curse and I need you to make me pay for loving you…

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The poet and the naked lady…

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(Two amazing videos.)

 The poet and the naked lady…

I fell in love with a long legged woman, her eyes of never-ending questions and her flowing auburn hair stole my voice and my eyes. I ate breakfast with her every morning after physical training for many months to listen to her talk of life and great dreams. She was almost six foot tall, beautiful tan legs and the devilish smile of the Devil.

One morning she asked me. You never ask me to roam with you. You are known to everyone, as the suicide boarder of the sea and the free-climbers of every mountain from Big Sur to Washington state. You are the soldier poet in Monterey. You do not like me?

I told her. I didn’t want to lose your friendship. You are a special part of my life and I didn’t want you to think I was like…

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Almost love.


Almost love

A Poem by Coyote Poetry
"May-day poetry number fourteen."

Almost love…

I found you letter today and I read the letter you wrote me in 1980. You took me back to a lovely time in my life. We shared a year in a kind and sweet love. I don’t remember receiving the letter and the last lines hit me hard.

“I know now why I wanted to separate. I wanted to know if I still love you. Yours Brigitte”

Dear Brigitte, we always win in sweet dreams.

“I had dreams and in my dreams, we were together- I wrote all this in my diary.”

Dear Brigitte, our best days, we shall never forget.

“I thank you for all-for touch, for being together, for all. Now I wish I can come back to you, but you want me not back.”

The ancient writers wrote. When you set a bird…

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May you always shine

Confab With Me

With the warmth of kindness in your words

may you always brighten the world

Kindling hope in the fold of your heart may you always bear a Midas touch

Dream for the moon

Enjoy every moment

may you reach the zenith of the blue cerulean skies

for nothing is unattainable for you Kapila,

when you have love in every crack of your smile

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To No Avail – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon


VJs Weekly Challenge – What could you talk about for thirty minutes without preparation?

Photo: found at life-care-wellness.com

“You throw the sand against the wind; and the wind blows it back again.” William Blake

To No Avail

Any topic,
eminently unqualified really,
but keen to impress,
well, maybe myself,
so, what shall I speak,
what can I say in this
unbridled moment?
I'm not sure and I sense 
that I can't gain a foothold
on a lucid thought that 
might be coherent and I
ponder and ponder,
reframing my endeavour,
to no avail can I form a
meaningful sentence as
my half hour slips by, 
and yet I know what I want 
to say but I cannot say it.

Copyright 2021 ©Paul Vincent Cannon
All Rights Reserved ®

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By The River

Come Dance Down Memory Lane with Holly!

House of Heart

Remember the cabin among the trees hidden like rabbits in nests of autumn leaves? Beside the window that looks out on the river there is a writer’s desk with printer’s ink and fresh flowers kissed by the sun in the window sill.
Do you recall the peaceful days we shared among the redwoods that spoke to us? The memory evokes such nostalgia for that ache, that fierce crushing devotion. I left a heart shaped basket of seeds in the arch of a tree for the birds to scatter, then etched our names on its bark. I will always remember you and the cabin by the river, the sultry nights I would dance for you, sheer layers floating to the herringbone floor.

GoGreen Roulotte | Canopy & Stars

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WQWWC # 24 – Beauty/ Mother’s Day

Keep it alive

Marsha is the host of WQWWC

This week Writer’s Quotes Wednesdays takes a look back at beauty and Mother’s Day. Remember you can take this beautiful topic anywhere you want to take it.

This week it’s a combination of two beautiful topics. Beauty and Mother’s Day.

While it’s nice to look good, real beauty resides in our souls. There’s an old saying that beautiful is as beautiful does! I firmly believe that a beautiful face cannot compete with a beautiful soul, heart.

When we are conflicted within ourselves, the light of our spirit diminishes and we become lusterless. The brightness of our true belief in ourselves shines in a beautiful way when we are being true to who we are meant to be.

For Mother’s Day, I have these lovely quotes which honorthe selfless devotion of mothers.

Truly, a mother is the heart of a family. She is often…

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Thursday Inspiration- Pillow

Keep it alive

Jim is the host of Thursday Inspiration

Respond to this challenge, by either by using the prompt word pillow, or going with the above picture, or by means of the song ‘Tossin’ and Turnin’’, or by going with any other Bobby Lewis song, or another song from the 1960 era


Good quality sleep depends on what sort of pillow you are using.

There is no one standard sort which works for everyone. Some like a soft fluffy pillow while others prefer something with a bit of structure. Hard or soft, or maybe a medium, whatever your choice is, make sure that you have the right one suited to your preference when you go to bed. Just make sure you turn off your mind to sleep mode before you make the attempt…. Otherwise……..

Tossin and turnin all night
Unable to get your beauty sleep
What’s wrong, you keep on…

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Humor: A Grilled Dog Between a Bun, by Mark Tulin/The Haven

Sometimes Ignorance Is Bliss!

Crow On The Wire

Special thanks to The Haven for publishing this poem in their extremely funny site.

I loved hotdogs as a kid,
but now I fear the processed food 
I know what’s in it
The waste products
that shorten a lifespan,
the fat that clogs the arteries
Not to mention cardiovascular disease
and type two diabetes

All those additives and dyes
The possibility of cancer
The worry and the trauma
The comfort food that knocks
on death’s door

As a child, I didn’t think about
what I put inside of me
I had only one agenda
To be happy and satisfied
To slather a Dodger Dog with mustard and relish
on a warm, toasted bun,
and watch a ballgame from the bleachers
with a mouthful of a footlong.

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