Raw Earth Ink

beneath the jagged waves
my face silently slips
moonlight accents edge peaks and valleys
and I’m no longer fighting it

releasing my final breath
I’m floating softly in this cold new world
sinking down
into the vast depths

I look above to see the gentle beams
reflections of some far off light
sifting through the murky wastes
motes of debris
drifting and slowly swirling

I am one speck of many
precious becoming no longer seen
here amongst the others

somehow I’m quietly calm and
each thought slows
s l o w s
s . l . o . w . s

numbing peace fills every part of me
I am forgetting all that passed before
and who I was
I simply am

you’ll never see these tears again for
I am of the sea and
she belongs in me
and I in her

what is one drop among many?

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