Unity of Man

Didi's Art Design

Blind people do not judge people
By the colour of their skin

Wise men do not take sides
For one religion

They see all religions
Under the roof of God

But we entrench ourselves
Behind words and idiologies

Arguing for right
Holding our own flag high

We kill in the name of God
Throwing stones at those who are different

Is this love
Love for God and man?

It is small-minded thinking
Behind which man hides

It is the seed of separation
Not of unity…

DidiArtist, 14.05.2021

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🎂A Sparkling Happy Birthday


There is a thing about oneness, it never lets you be alone. And with lovers like us, oneness becomes a home. Happy Birthday my Poetic Princess, my little tootyfruity, my hottie with a body, my cutie with a booty! I love you dearlySparkling Sona.♥️

It’s your special day again my love, but the gift is all mines. Ever since that beautiful day, you walked into my life.

But if I could put myself in a birthday card, with confetti and a song too. I’d stick an express stamp on it, and quickly send it to you.

Have candles where the flame never dies, and unlimited scoops of ice cream. Provide some special ingredients, to fulfill a sweet and tasty dream.

As the smoke from the candles carry birthday wishes, from the wind between your lips. Me praying for your happiness, at the snap of your fingertips.


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