Our Walls

Roth Poetry

Walls built with stones // mortar of memories

Locking tightly together each painful reality

Stacking // cementing them tightly in place

Till the soul is hidden without even a trace

Dungeon of doom condemning the soul

Cold place of solitude where no one can dwell

A roof on top keeps out the light

Beautiful on the outside; but dark in the heart

Protected // guarded from any more pain

Windows boarded up to keep out the rain

Though years have gone by, the walls still close in

Creating a chasm the soul cannot swim

A castle on the hill of life with walls strong and tall

No windows // no drawbridge // no one comes to call

A lifetime of memories too painful to tell

A soul locked in memories

A real living hell


Koblontz Fortress photo: Dwight L. Roth

Also posting this one on d’Verse Poets Pub open…

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