Reality Check: Challenging Negative Self-talk

Devoted and Divorced

Being betrayed and left for another is a brutal and very strange kind of experience. It leaves you changed and undone. In my case it was a pain unlike anything I had ever experienced and it completely shifted my reality, my world as I had known it. The pain was immense and unrelenting. A pain that swallows you whole.

This kind of experience also unearths so many old insecurities in us, it makes us evaluate ourselves in new, cruel ways – this idea that our value has been weighed against another’s and we, despite all our immense love and commitment and all we brought to our relationship still came up short somehow. In my experience, it left my confidence in the gutter and planted a self-hatred in me that followed me everywhere. An unwanted companion that was there with me at every turn, behind every new door I was trying…

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