Danse Macabre

Kim V. Poetry

Powerful and beautiful,
Merciful and graceful,
Your words and thoughts
Wrap me in cold heat.

Evolved and enriched,
You speak to my inner most self.
My mind opened,
You have awoken something in me.

I was resistant.
Unwilling to bare my soul to you.
Unwilling to let you lead, in this macabre dance of ours.
But your icy touch on my heated skin,
Lifted me to a new plane;
And helped me rise above the Earth and away
From my pain.

I feared you.
Feared trusting you.
Felt like I was a broken child at mass,
I was weak and afraid to speak.

But you took my hand, and
Brought me close to your heart.
You stared into my eyes,
And freed my tongue
From its shame.

You made me whole.
Healed me from my suffering.
Showed me to exhale,
When I had been holding my breath for so long.

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