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Cheers to my fellow bloggers. I come to you today to ask for your vote.

Topic on hand:

Should I follow my passion, or be responsible?


I want to follow my passion of being an author. Right now I have a great job; I love what I do, who I do it for, and who I do it with. I don’t want to take my current situation granted, but I also don’t want to wait to start working towards my true passion. Life just gets more and more hectic as you get older. I fear if I don’t start now I’ll never have the same opportunity as I do now to grow and make it my career.

Any advice? Has anyone found themselves at a similar crossroad in their life?

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One thought on “Crossroads Counsel

  1. I think you can do both. Devote a certain amount of time for writing and as and when it materialises into something you feel is worth devoting all your time, you can go ahead and pursue it. I’m only 25 so I don’t know much but I hope this helps. 💛🌻


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