Resolutionizing – April


Four months gone of the year 2021. And what a year it’s been so far.
The world is changing. Changing. Changing. We’re going from lockdown, to semi-lockdown to hopefully some sort of relative freedom in the near future. I mean – as it stands now (with our sluggish vaccination pace) I’ll see my arm poked somewhere at the end of June. And with me we’ll have done pretty much everyone in the society round here. So that should see Corona covered. We hope.

And my world is also everchanging. With a body that’s protesting the increase in workouts (now that we’re allowed back on the field) and accidental gain in kilo’s (which, obviously, shouldn’t happen, but yaknow…snacks) I’ve not felt very good about myself this month. Which, obviously, is something I should be fixing, but can’t really wrap my gotta-get-it-attitude around. Sucks.

Luckily – in finding…

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