It’s in the details


I’ve never been one of those ‘the big picture‘ type of people. That’s a specialty and mindset that you either possess, or don’t I think – that way of seeing beyond your immediate vicinity and placing things in a grander context. Most people, admittedly, are just stuck in their own ‘little’ world.

Myself? I tend to get caught up in details. Lost in specifics. Stuck on minute points of irrelevancy that still need to be perfect. It makes me into a micromanager, oftentimes. Because when you put your heart and soul into the details you deem important – you tend to also lose that bigger picture.

Which is fine, surely. I’m 100% sure we need both types of people in the world. Because when you only see the greater potential of things, but forget to have the basic details in order, your ship is definitely going to crash…

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