Once we had the Elvis songs.


Once we had the Elvis songs…

(May-day poetry- number eight.)

Hello girl, it Johnnie in Michigan and I am sorry to call you at at Midnight hours. The drink is wearing me down and I am listening to Elvis Presley songs tonight and I miss you. I miss you so. Do you miss me?

Daniela held silence for a few seconds and she asked me. Johnnie, dear Johnnie. Are you alright? You only miss me at 3 am and when you are drinking. It is cold in Germany and I listening to the records you left me. The Elvis songs and Leonard Cohen songs remind me. I knew love once and we danced the slow dance on cold Winter day, you and I. We were babies and we were not wise enough to know love wasn’t forever. Darling, I miss you and I want you to be happy. Hell raising…

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poetry is clickbait

writings on my tongue

And since Hazlitt said, “Poetry is the universal language.”

I will learn to speak to you.

If poets were like their poetry

and singers like their songs,

then I would have loved you.

But we are all just honest liars.

So we’ll stick to writing hidden messages in our stories

and rhyme words carrying the emotion weighing us down inside

hoping that someone somewhere will decipher it and bring us comfort.

“Poetry is the universal language.”

Now I’m speaking, singing with no audience and all this waiting,

it’s beginning to feel like I’m speaking in tongues.

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The Road Desired


long and winding
most desired

nestled beneath branches
and powder puff blue skies

a paradise of dreams
where hearts can bloom

occasional deadfall 
to maneuver around

variety makes life
an expedition of sorts

paved to perfection
only lasts a short while

give me a road with bumps
so I know, I have truly loved

©Heather Carr-Rowe

V.J.’s Weekly Challenge: Roads

Eugi’s Weekly Prompt: Paradise

Ragtag Daily Prompt: Expedition and arboreal

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Writing Step: 9 (Celebrate the Awaited Book Launch)

Come Check This Out!!!

Steps In Between

Writing is a journey. There are rest stops and detours along the way, but perseverance does pay off. When the final writing destination springs into view, there are no words to describe the accompanying emotions. And even though it’s important to celebrate throughout the process, this last stage at the end…publishing…is surely time to celebrate BIG!


Writers endure turmoil and strife in each step of the process. But goals keep the pursuit in sight. Gratefully, I stayed on course in my endeavors. And now, I have an invitation for you at the end of this post because I have finally arrived at this long-awaited landmark: Book Launch! And WOW! I remember each and every stage of my writing journey to get here.

Writing Steps:

  1. Pre-Plan
    • Idea-mode (all in my head).
    • Brainstorm/Journal quick sketch (character images, details about the plot).
    • Dreaming about potential story parts (when it keeps me up…

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