Candy Apple Red

My Inspired Life

Silverado short bed
windows down, music up
blond lift held with Aqua Net

Nice truck!
more than one said
not talking wheels, I suspect

She complements

her spring birth month
bull strength and stubbornness

She’s no bull
in a china shop though
with finer things she takes care

She can use
her superhuman fortitude

to move mountains, should she choose

A strawberry blond
with sky-colored eyes
washing away freckles, she did try

Raised on a farm
in the American South
teased by kin, odd one out

One of seven girls
plus three boys, made ten
beauty and laughter their defense

She outgrew red
but the fire never left
if crossed, she’ll make you regret

A shared birthday
she and her first born
his girl makes it a tri-celebration

Talented hands
that once picked cotton
can make anything…

a cake,

a dress,

costumes that impress,
a baby sleep,

a genealogy tree,

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