Come And Enjoy Kim’s Love Poem!!!

Kim V. Poetry

Letting you go doesn’t come easy.
You’re in me: in my mind, in my blood, in my bones.

I walk away, determined that this is the last time I kiss your lips.
This is the last time I feel them on my skin.
I have to leave for my own sanity.

But I can’t.

You know just what to say to bring me back.
I’m enthralled, entranced, and entirely yours.
Hooked on your poison coursing through my body.
I’m cursed with wanting you
Because you are the antidote.

But it’s your eyes that reel me in.
The desire in them, low lidded, with me in your sights.
So many emotions behind them: pain, lust, relief, and maybe sadness.
They pull at the string that connects my heart to yours.
You drink me in, and then I know.

I know what I’ve always known, what I’ve felt from the very beginning.

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