Late Night Listener (collab)

Secret Thoughts Within

Original Image found here on Pinterest

By Vintage Black and Secret Thoughts Within

I am your only
late night listener,
savoringyour words spoken
over and over,
alone in the blackness.

Messages played on loop
in the radio host sound 
of your voice, 
I tune in to enjoy 
yet another twilight sample.

Your poetic mixtape
of descriptive drunken words
makes perfect sense
to my late-night soul,
so, I dial in every sunset.

Alas!That intoxicatingoeuvre,
over and over
I play it
as I live in fear
that you’ll disappear and I’ll end up,
singing in silence.

After such a lust driven
I keep listening to yourlyricalmusings,
they feel like luxurious textured notes for the soul
of this,
your only late-night listener.

For VB my warrior sister, all I can say is… Thank you.

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