Savior, liar and sinner…


  Savior, liar and sinner….

I never show her my real face.
I loved the road, the drink and the flesh.
I needed confusion and disappointment.
Today I would tell her If I could.
Dear Leona.
You were perfect and I was the fool.
I was a liar.
Seeking the Hemingway death,
just waiting to run again.

I went back to Ann Arbor and you were gone.
I did the sinner’s prayer.
“Dear Leona.
Precious lady.
Old dogs return home, wanting things lost.
Thank you dear friend.
You were my safe place for a wild man seeking everything and nothing.
I pray you found joy and happiness.”

Men seeking war, the drink and the sin.
One day awake alone and
they learn.
People willing to save you are rare and few.
Old man looked to the open road and he whispered.
Dear Savior, my dear Leona.
I do remember your…

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