I Worried

Writing With An Open Heart

I worried about their heartaches,
Sometimes more than mine.

I worried to tell them how I really felt.

I worried about showing them how my smile faded,
Each time they did something wrong.

I worried about their life,
And safety.

I worried until they turned their backs on me forever and left.
I felt betrayed and angry,
It was a tough lesson to swallow,

But I survived it,
And I have no regrets.

I honor this tough lesson deeply,
Because it was a turning point in my life.
And I know from this moment on,
Things will continue to get better.

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For Years

Writing With An Open Heart

For years she typed and then hesitated
Too scared of the voice inside of her,
Worrying about how others would read
So she deleted thinking it wouldn’t matter,
And threw that dream away.

For years something inside of her felt missing,
And incomplete.

Until one day she took a risk,
She typed, she hesitated.

But instead of deleting,
That faint voice from inside her grew stronger,
“You’ve got this.” It said.

She pressed publish,
Not knowing that her entire world was about to change.

This is for anyone who is hesitating to write or share their writing.
Please post a link below of your favorite blog post. I’d love to read and support you.
When you press publish the world is ready to show you that you’re not alone.


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Love letters- never send…


Love letters never send…

Old  man wrote a letter. He wrote “My dear love.”
What we don’t do. These are the  memories that will break our heart forever. You and I. Maybe loco and a bit of  Tomfoolery. You wanted wide open country and I wanted to blessed by your kind and loving eyes. I prayed to the heartless Gods. Make me know your sweet kisses and to know your kind voice. The great sea separate us and I  wished I was a braver man. I want to kiss your beautiful face and to tell you. Love is life and life is love. You are my everything and my last wish.

Wishes and words. Just myth and tale when we accept less. In sweet dreams. You and I are drinking gin and dancing with the Pacific waves on the South America coastline. You and I. Hemingway and Agnes with a…

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Savior, liar and sinner…


  Savior, liar and sinner….

I never show her my real face.
I loved the road, the drink and the flesh.
I needed confusion and disappointment.
Today I would tell her If I could.
Dear Leona.
You were perfect and I was the fool.
I was a liar.
Seeking the Hemingway death,
just waiting to run again.

I went back to Ann Arbor and you were gone.
I did the sinner’s prayer.
“Dear Leona.
Precious lady.
Old dogs return home, wanting things lost.
Thank you dear friend.
You were my safe place for a wild man seeking everything and nothing.
I pray you found joy and happiness.”

Men seeking war, the drink and the sin.
One day awake alone and
they learn.
People willing to save you are rare and few.
Old man looked to the open road and he whispered.
Dear Savior, my dear Leona.
I do remember your…

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No mercy dear Lizzie…


 No mercy dear Lizzie…

You found me alone by the St Clair lake and you wore a silky gray dress. I saw you from a distance and I watched you walked quickly toward me. I was alone with my Jack London and Dryden book writing by beloved lake. I rose-up and you embraced me tightly and you whispered. Johnnie. Did you forget me? Did I disappear from your memory and your thoughts?

I embraced her tightly and I told her. I have never forgotten you. You stole my wish and dream many moons ago. I have wished daily to kiss your lips and taste your skin daily. My deadly silence prayers I do alone to the Lake St. Clair. I have wished often for seconds, hours and days to be in your eyes. My heart is empty without you and my pen is silence. I pray to the midnight moon…

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Do You Know…How Mother’s Day Came About?

Mws R Writings

Suffragist and writer Julia Ward Howe first suggested the idea of Mother’s Day in the United States in 1872. Howe was a pacifist and saw the holiday as a chance to unite women and rally for peace. For several years, she held an annual Mother’s Day meeting in Boston.

By Michelle Lou, CNN

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Unexpected joy – Poem by Ali Grimshaw

flashlight batteries - Ali Grimshaw

a gathering of cells
multiplying magnificent

a seed inside 
breathing being 
and no one even knew

that you had begun

small magic 
happening inside the womb 

she went about her day 
hanging laundry
in her quiet way

while the message of you 

© Ali Grimshaw 2021

An early Mother's Day poem.

Quadrille Monday on dVerse

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The Freedom To Dance – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon


Photo: Animal sanctuary at Flynn, Alice Springs, NT. wrens skittering along.

“Wrens are well known for picking up and leaving whenever they feel the need.” Bernadette King

The Freedom To Dance

Tiny, delicate, insignificant wrens,
skittering oblivious past our feet,
dancing, looking for crumbs

∽ of excitement leading to life ∼

which they unwittingly offer to us
through their significant testimony
to the freedom to dance into life.

©Paul Vincent Cannon

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