WQWWC # Balance

Keep it alive

Marsha is the host of WQWWC


We have been talking about eating nutritious meals and exercising. The topic of this week’s Writer’s Quotes Wednesday challenge is balance. Balance has many meanings and is broad enough to give you a lot of ways to go with it.

Balance is the key to a good life.

I think what we learn all through our lives, growing up is how to balance different thingsin life. As children, we are notoriously unbalanced, both in desires and activities. We want all or nothing. Treading a middle path is an alien concept at that age.

We all learn to create our own balance. In work, study, play, job and family. A happy person is the one who achieves harmony between different aspects of life. The sooner we can get to this ideal condition, the better adjusted we will be in life.

Adult life…

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