Not Meant To Be (collab with audio)

Come enjoy this collaboration and the audio too!!!

Secret Thoughts Within

Original source unknown. Credit to the owner.

By Bree Leto – Secret Thoughts Within andCharles Robert Lindholm – The Reluctant Poet

There are many things you can’t control
Your heart
Another’s heart
No matter how much you might want to

It is a fact of life that
hopes and wishes
dreams and prayers
Don’t always happen or come to pass

We may have relationships and love
that wehave always dreamed of
but sometimes
fate or luck
intervene and force a change
to our plans and choices

Not all relationships
are meant to beforever
Sometimes they are only meant
to befor awhile

There may be many things you can’t control
But there are some things you can 
Maybe it’s time to dream a new dream
It might be time to
move on
forgive and forget
let go
and follow your pathway
into a new and better life

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