By Charles Robert Lindholm
I Have My
Favorite Memories
I Always Remember
To Take Along
When I Dream

They Are Specially Labeled
In My Heart’s Vault

Innocent Childhood Fun
Old Friends
Summer Days
By The Beach
Walking Along
Leaf Strewn Pathways
In Autumn

And My Beloved Soulmate,
The Joy Of Love
And Laughter
And The Life We Have Built

But Every So Often
I Have Uninvited Memories
Of You
Intruding Into My Dreams

Bringing Back The Moments
That Were Heavenly And Sweet
Tender And Happy
Wild And Passionate
Memories Of A Life That Was,
Before It Became Bittersweet
And Hurtful
And Ended In A Haunting

Memories Of You
Don’t End In Happily Ever After
Or Peacefully,
They End In Storms,
Tornados, Devastation
And Heartache

I Always Remind
My Heart There Is A Reason
Uninvited Memories
Are Not Welcome In My Dreams

But My Heart Never
Did Recover Well
From Our Ending
And So From Time To Time
I Have Uninvited Memories
Of You Invading My Dreams

I’m Just Wishing My Heart Would
Only Allow Them Out On Halloween

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