Simple Solutions


Life, as a teacher, tends to offer a plethora of lessons. And most of those, I find, are quite similar.

Life is hard. Life is complicated. Life ain’t straightforward. Life is messy, and chaotic. Painful and unfair and anything but under your control.

Sometimes, though – you start to realize that life might not be the best teacher. Or one that even knows anything at all.

It’s like our school system, right?

We’re brought up to go to a school and obey teachers whose only proven claim to teaching is the fact that they made it to a diploma by suffering through a different schoolsystem.

Not because they have actual knowledge. Or a passion for teaching. Or because they offer the actual wisdom we’re taught to expect from them.

Hell. Seriously, half of the time they barely even know the subject they’re teaching cause they ‘just took the job cause…

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