Mad trickster


I spent twenty minutes googling toddler toys today. Itty bitty piano’s that are sure to drive any parent crazy. Various animals on wheels that move in no way similar to any actual creature. Things that are fluffy, or tentacly or otherwise textured to facilitate adventurous little bastards (and undoubtedly end up getting chewed and drooled on). Pretty much all the things that define a happy early childhood and belong to something I dread: kids.

But why did you do that Zoë?
Why would you do such a thing?

Well. Let me tell you.
After my recent online shopping trips over the past week – which had me looking at various Nintendo Switch games (now that I hijacked loverboys Switch and have access to games-I-really-wanna-play) and all of the boardgames. As well as luxury vacations on tropical islands seeing as a summer vacation period was blocked in the agenda…

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