I can’t even remember


Can you recall the last time you hurt?
Really hurt?

Hurt so bad you couldn't breathe?
Hurt so deep you couldn't see?
Hurt so much you couldn't bear?

I bet you think you can.
I bet you think you should.
I bet you think you have to. Need to even.

But I also bet that you don't.
That you can't really recall the burn.
The actual feeling.
The exact agony.

I bet you can't relive those painful moments.
Even when you try.
Even when you want to.

You might bring back a memory.
You might bring back an inkling of a semblance of a reminiscing moment in time.
Yet you won't be able to bring them back.
They're gone. As they should be. Swallowed by the past.

Because once the pain has passed.
Once you have moved on.
Once you've fought, and won, and conquered.
You'll find that pain…

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