Fuzzy bellies


One of life’s mysteries has been the topic of conversation with me and my friends today. You know, the kind of mystery that has been around forever but you never got around to solving, right?

So. Now that we’ve concluded that we cannot find any decisive and undeniably correct reason….it is time to ask you all for your wisdom.


Why. Why. Why – dear people…

Why…is it that guys always have a little ball of lint in their navels…while girls do not?

I used to think it must be a hair thing. Guys tend to have hairier stomachs..aka…things get stuck and fluff gathers. Makes sense right. But then. THEN. Then I dated smooth as fuck boys who still managed to have that fuzzy belly fluff, regardless of the hairy state of bellies. So what IS IT.

Do guys not know how to shower as well as us shiny perfect…

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