By Charles Robert Lindholm

It’s Hard To Hear
The Truth,
To Have It Stare
You In The Face

Ever Present
In Your Now

You Cannot Hide
In The Shadows
Or The Darkness
You Cannot Run Away

You Cannot Cover Your Ears
Or Hide Your Eyes
For The Truth
Is A Relentless Hunter

The Truth
Will Find You

You Can Lie
To The World
But Your Heart
And Soul
Cannot Be
Or Sheltered
From The Truth

Each Day Facing
A Painful Choice,
Attempted Denial
Or Finally Letting Go

The Bitter End
Has Come And Gone
And In Your Heart
You Know It
Face The Truth
Accept It
And Move On

The Bitter End
Doesn’t Have To Control
Your Happiness,
Accept The Truth
And Move On
To The Life
And Joy That
Lies Ahead
For You

Copyright © 2018 Charles Robert Lindholm – All Rights Reserved

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