26th April: My Birthday

Come Enjoy Secrets (aka Bree’s) One Year Birthday celebrating her first year blogging – spend a few minutes with Bree!!!

Secret Thoughts Within

Today is my birthday… my blogging birthday. A year ago today, I posted my first few thoughts and now we are here together. I’m surprised I made it.

Happy Birthday to all our secret thoughts!

I wish I could shower you with gifts and watch your eyes light up, but I have no presents to offer today. Instead, allow me to reminisce for a moment… I wrote a heck of a lot of poetry over the last year, did collaborations with amazing writers, ventured into poetry recording and even had a few poems officially published. I never thought I would do any of that. What I’m most surprised about is that I haven’t bailed (shut this page down) yet.

Thanks so much to you, for following me and reading my words. You have encouraged me countless times and many of you have pushed me to try new forms, styles, approaches…

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