Wrestle, Part I (an erotic short)



You playfully swat my ponytail. I cut my eyes to the side, squinting at you as I speak, You know I hate that. I don’t like it when my hair is messed with and you damn well know it.

Without word you do it again, annoying me, wanting my attention. As your hand smacks the fullness of my blonde tail your fingertips glide along the bareness of my back, causing my skin to rise in bumps. You decide to pester me further as you gently tug my silky strands. ‘Pay attention to me,’ is echoed in every annoyance and you know it. I have little patience and you know that too. I am doing my best to ignore you, engrossed as I am at my computer. Life has taught you that persistence pays and I don’t require much pushing before you get a reaction…and so you go tug, tug, tug.

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