a Poet Plans a Party (audio)

My Inspired Life



The email message said.

Fantastic! Relief. What next?

Fingers tapping on the desk.

It is now time to plan a celebration for my fourth eBook publication. I will get right to that list of my dearest friends, who read my words, again and again and again. If they are far (as most of you are) I will Zoom them in.

I will get to selecting the perfect outfit. One that does not scream for attention, but turns heads with a whisper when I step in. One that subtly hints at my poetic craft (or my attempts). I will surely hear, “I love your dress. It shows off your curves.” and “Where did you get your black heels?” To which I will respond, and their attention, attempt to dismiss, “Oh, thank you. I was in such a rush, you know, writing and…

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