The most beautiful woman in town…


The most beautiful woman…

(And a Bukowski poem.)

Everyday the most beautiful woman I knew, she sat with me at the Army mess hall and

she looked at my face hard and she asked.

Reading poetry today at the Monterey cafe tonight, Johnnie.

I told her, every Tuesday I read in Monterey,

every Thursday I read in Pacific Grove and

on Saturday, I read at Santa Cruz.

She laughed and she smiled, I know.

She took my hand and she asked me.

“You never invite me to come with you.

We eat together twice a day and you listen to my wild tales.

Don’t you like me?”

I told her, I am a old man and you are young.

Your world is fast and my world,

easy, drinking, the sea and my words.

Your eyes, your spirit and your beauty scare me.

I am old and ugly and you make…

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