Grief Held

Raw Earth Ink

The loss was so profound
So deep
So all-encompassing that it
For a time
As if the tears would

“Will I ever stop crying?”
I asked the world in general
In poured the platitudes
The endearments
The empty gestures
And then she spoke up from the midst
“Never. You’ll never stop crying.”
How dare she say such a thing!
That’s not
What I wanted to hear
No one else said it…
And yet
Within those unwanted words rang
She walked a parallel road
To my own
She must speak Truth and Experience

If then I am to cry
For my remaining days
I must

I closed my eyes
Visualized my intense overwhelming
It was the shape of an egg
And glowed
I reached out
Plucked it from where it hovered
Before me
Before my eyes
I held it
Within the palms of…

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