2 thoughts on “Do Bananas Cause Weight Gain or Help With Weight Loss?

  1. I went into the whole Ayurveda study and discovered many things about diet. I also found about bananas . Always in the fear of gaining weight I had not eaten a banana in more than a decade. But in past 2 months I lost 8 kilogram of weight which is is so unbelievable that I cannot understand it myself. Believe it or not one of the things I did was eat a banana everyday in the morning. They say if you have a banana one and a half hours after you wake up, on an empty stomach then you will lose weight. However if you have a banana later on in the day you will gain weight. I used this theory and I lost like so so much weight. The traditional Indian knowledge based on Ayurveda is so rich and so oh so amazing. I did have a full diet plan based on the traditional Indian Ayurvedic way and through eating purely simple natural vegetarian food, lost so many kgs.
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