The rising sun, the falling moon…


The rising sun, the falling moon…

Prettiest lady, I ever seen, she danced with the Lake Superior waves.

She loved to drink and clatter when the Bacchus wine was good.

Hand in hand, we walked the island path.

She made the lapse of time, slower and more wonderful.

She weaved me stories to make me see,

life was more than me.

I told her, she was the rising sun, the falling moon.

She made the new-born sun divine when I could look into her eyes of green,

she made the falling moon seem endless and bright.

She told me,

true love is like the sun and the moon,

rarely do the moon and sun touch,

love followed the same path.

Never waste the emotion of love when she is near.

She is the ambrosia of a life.

Love can be hours, days or years.

Make them everlasting.

I remember the…

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You are my music…


You are my music…

We found love in the lost and found.

You are the most beautiful gal in the world.

I remember your smile, I remember your laughter.

I painted your skin with my hands and I told you.

Please come true, please come willingly into my arms.

I will give you the world, I would steal the moon for you.

Please follow me and I will follow you.

You wrote poetry on my skin and you sang love songs to me.

“Love, be sweet.

Love, be kind.

Please make me believe,

you will stay forever.

Let’s find the sameness in life,

let’s find the wonderful sea,

let’s find safe place where love is our to adore.

I am your love and you are my love.

I am the sand and you are the sea.

I am waiting for you to cover me with kisses.

Please stay with me…

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I need a Spring kiss, a Summer love…


I need a Spring time kiss, a Summer love…

I need a Spring time kiss, a Summer love. I wonder if love was ever real for me? I asked the rising moon, my dearest love, I remember you, were we? Just myth and tale on my weary heart. Maybe was just a dream? I am very old and I accepted less, once brave heart is sleeping and in sweet dreams. I hear you whisper to me. “Our two hearts are one sweet Johnnie. You stole my heart In April and I remember our Spring time. We danced by the lake and we talks and we talks. You listen to me, you made me feel I was important. I listen to you and we made forever promises. You made me believe love is so sweet and I love you my sweetheart.

We had a loving Summer, I remembered we never left…

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Whispers of a poet's heart

Like a stalled slow-motion moment
Far too many times, as of late
I find, myself feeling missing 
Inside, the silence of my mind
Where you- used to reside 
Like the sun and the moon
No matter the time, it was right
You were the chaos I needed 
To feel love, to feel alive 
Has this moment ended yet?
To be honest, I just cannot… tell 

Poet of the Light © 2021

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