A safe face, a kind face, maybe?


 A safe place, a kind face, maybe?…

Someone told the loneliest lady in the bar. Johnnie wanted to die alone, with Jack Daniel and Jim Beam as his only friends. She stood behind him, low-cut dress and a dangerous smile. She leaned hard into him, pressing her breasts tightly against him and she whispered into his ear.

No-one shall die tonight. Drink or gun? fast or quick? Here at the Stray Cat lounge, misery loved company. You don’t decide if death is near. Sweetheart, baby, darling and my honey. Just call my name, loud or a whisper. I will come to you. When the night is cold and lonely, I can be your sweet dream or your dirty secret. She kissed his neck and he turned and he looked at her. He brought her closer and he held her tightly. He whispered to her wanting ear.

Please Lana, don’t make…

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Love, dance and celebrate being alive…

Mature Material – Come and Enjoy!


Love, Dance and celebrate being alive…

She was so beautiful. Five foot eleven inches in height. A slim and perfect body. Tan legs I desired to caress the moment I saw her walking by one morning. Long flowing auburn hair. Dark brown eyes that could melt me away with a smile and a tender look.

She teased me at the beginning. Asked me take me to Big Surf. She told me. “I want to walk nude on the beach. Lay all day on the sand for you to see me all day.” We were not lover’s yet. She knew how to make me smile. I would contemplate it and I offered a ride to Big Surf as soon as possible.

We got get to Big Surf. Always too damn cold for even the nudist. We went go to the River Inn and drank a lot of beer and whiskey. Enjoyed…

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Source of Inspiration

The world of imagination creates realities.
Do not squander your gift of thought.
Creations begin with mind movies.
The world of imagination creates realities.
Movies reflect current thinking.
Beware of supporting movies that do not reflect your values.
The world of imagination creates realities.
Do not squander your gift of thought.

The poetry form is called a Triolet and consists of one stanza of eight lines where lines 1, 4, and 7 are the same. Additionally, lines 2 and 8 are the same. Sometimes, the poet also creates each line with eight syllables.

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A to Z Challenge- People, Qualities or Things that inspired me – R

Keep it alive

For Letter R, my choice is Nora Roberts

Facts about NoraRoberts

Nora Robertsis 70 years old
Born:October 10,1950
Birthplace:Silver Spring,Maryland,United States

Nora Roberts Biography

Name at birth:Eleanor Marie Robertson

Nora Roberts is a prolific American writer of romance and crime novels whose books have topped the bestseller lists since the mid-1990s.

As a child, Roberts was anavidreader and frequently formulated her own stories. After graduating fromhigh school, she married and later had two sons. Confined to her home with her young children during a blizzard in 1979, she penned her firstnovel,Irish Thoroughbred(1981). Following that debut, Roberts enjoyed phenomenal success with dozens of enthralling romance novels.Atypical of the genre, her works did not focus on glamour and money but instead featured characters that were relatable to readers. In 1995 she began writing…

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