Real Life Superheroes

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What does it take to be a true superhero? Intriguing thought.

Frontline military, emergency services, medical personnel and the often overlooked end of life services. These people don’t have amazing origin stories to tell because it’s in their blood. They are born heroes and instinctively know how to be heroes by subconscious default hence their choice of risk-taking careers.

From Wow Comics in 1941 to the more recent Image Comics in 1992, many a hero for the imaginative child to dream about becoming one day but they’re not real. Fictional characters often based on mythology and parapsychology. We could do with a fair amount of caper crusaders and super powers upon the world but if you look hard enough, they’re there. Not stood atop skyscrapers with arms folded or hands on hips in “try me” determination. Nor plastered on billboards or public transport advertisements. They…

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