Passed By~ MwsR

Mws R Writings

Everyday they pass us by

People burdened and heartbroken

Carrying guilt and pride

It affects their very stride.

If guilt were a changing thing

We’d carry it along our necks on a string

It would be the first thing we greet each day

Some people like things that way.

Perhaps one needs to feel something rather than nothing

Instead of feeling free

I wouldn’t like it all to bury me.

Nothing is worse than guilt.

Pride is destructive

It consumes reason and logical happiness

Taking into account nothing of how it makes others feel

It is haughty and foolish in itself.

We pass by someone each and every day

They may be sad or lonely

Maybe they feel defeated and upset

You cannot see that from the outward way.

People tend to hide their faults, their feelings, and their emotions

Some will seek damage like it can fill that void.

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