I live you baby.


I live you Baby….

I told my lover, never regret anything that can make you smile.

I told her, come hither, come closer.

I told her as we slow danced to the warmest jazz,

you take me there, you take me every where.

I need your kiss, I need you skin against my skin

I want you nude and in sexy silky stockings.

You tempt me with your song and those wanting eyes.

I want to touch you from feet to beautiful face.

I want us to know the splendor of spiritual passion,

where lovers dance seeking pleasure, not payment.

I want endless nights and to make love at noon.

I live you baby, you make the sleeping man come alive.

You are my ambrosia, my sweetest muse.


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The untold story…


The untold story…

I have wore a necklace of pig skin rope and white crystal for 35 years. My most prize thing I keep now, upon my neck. The necklace, a leftover memory of someone so kind, so sweet. Once a celestial beauty, we danced in life as one for a California Summer and California Fall season. She was wild child and she was filled with the madness of wanting to test life and challenge death. She was fearless and she made the sleeping man come alive. Now I write to my journal.

“We were rainbow chasers, we were cloud dancers, we were waterfall seekers and we were were waves dancers.
We loved the carousel of  unknown beginnings and endings. Seeking the highest mountain to climb, rocking and rolling with the largest Pacific Winter storm waves. Maybe we were brave, maybe we were insane?

She taught me the world could be…

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I will take care you…


 I will take care of you….

The bar stool Poet told the pretty Lady sitting with him.

“Love had turn me right, love had turn me wrong. Love had turn my insides out, love had turn my insides to black and cold. Love had made me bleed, make me scream to the 3 am moon. Pretty words, pretty faces. Leftover whispered remembered, pretty face to burn the soul. Love be sweet, love be damned. We want everything and we want nothing. Reluctance kisses can turn to desperate needs.”

Pretty woman smiled and she whispered. Dear Johnnie. The night be lonely, the night be cold in the bed of one. Need for us to add, one and one. When the numbered fall right, we can be alright. We feast on life and love, thinking there is no payment. Everything cost plenty. You are I. Two dancing people seeking peace in the…

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A Bit Of Honesty In A Dishonest World 🌎


In life it is most important to stop the chatter of misunderstood voices…honesty is a rare commodity something most people lack! Right wrong or indifferent i pride myself on being completely honest even at the stake of falling down..

People can take a lot away from you in life but they can’t take away your soul! Having a good heart and a pure soul is the golden ticket in life…

I do wonder sometimes if we truly have complete control over our own lives or do we roll with the punches too much..we are so quick to please sometimes that we loose ourselves our dreams our hearts in the shuffle..

Pondering today where I got lost in the shuffle! 🤔

Rectifying it may be harder then I once thought ❤

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Dinner for Two

luna's on line

Dusk melts seductively
Into soft velvet
Now darkness descends

Forever, I’ll long to hold you again
On this date when I

This is our special night
When I set the table, anticipating, longing for you
Oh, I will always be longing for you.

Written in response to Sadje‘s What do You See #78 photo prompt.

Image credit: Gabriella Clare Marino@ Unsplash
The image shows a table set for two people. The location seems to be outdoors, in an alley

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A to Z Challenge- People, Qualities or Things that inspired me – P

Keep it alive

For Letter P, my choice is Joseph Pulitzer

Facts about JosephPulitzer

Joseph Pulitzerdied at64 years old
Born:April 10,1847
Died:October 29,1911
Best known as:Newspaperman who started the Pulitzer Prize

Joseph Pulitzer Biography


Joseph Pulitzer was the 19th-century journalist and newspaper publisher whose will established the Pulitzer Prizes“for the encouragement of public service, public morals, American literature and the advancement of education.”

Pulitzer immigrated to the United States as a young man in 1864 and served in the 1st New York Cavalry during the Civil War. He made his way to St. Louis after the war and in 1868 began working for the German language newspaper theWestliche Post.

Ambitious and hardworking, Pulitzer studied English and law and served in the Missouri legislature, and by 1872 he was the owner and publisher of thePost

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Blogging Insights– Blogging Experience

Salted Caramel

I have been blogging for a little over two years now and I feel that it has taught me a lot. This is what we discuss today whether your blogging experience is two years or two hours or two decades.


What has your blogging experience taught you?


About Myself

I love writing and blogging.  I already knew that but now I feel that it is what I would like to do for the rest of my life. My goal is to make a career out of it if I can.

About Blogging
Before I launched my blog I watched several YouTube videos and read articles on blogging. Yet I learned more when I threw myself in the deep end as compared to all the so called blogging advice.
This is what I learned:

Blogging is a learn as you go activity. The more you do it…

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Blogging Insights – Blogging experience

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Tanya is the host of Blogging Insights


What has your blogging experience taught you?

This is a very interesting question, Tanya.

Blogging has changed a lot of things for me.

On a personal level;

I have realized that I love writing short poems and stories. I also enjoy interacting with people here in the blogosphere. Meeting so many new people through my blog, I have learned a lot about people. My knowledge has broadened and so has my mind.

I have gained insight into how different people think and why. I have also learned a lot about mental health issues. Blogging has brought awareness to me about different cultures around the world.

The fact that through my blog I am connected to so many people from all over the world, is in itself very precious to me.

From my writing and blogging point of view;

My mostly untested…

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Tuesday Writing Prompt- Justice and Equality

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Devereaux Frazier and Beth Amanda are currently hosting the Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge

Today’s prompt: Write a poem on justice and equality.


There can be no justice, nor any illusion of justice

If all are not treated equally, without prejudice

“A society that is cruel can survive but not a society which is unjust”

The Lofty ideals we aspire to would crumble like dust

If our treatment of each and every citizen is not equal

The law, the rules, the way everyone is treated

Has to be meted our without favor or prejudice




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