Jazzy Sunday. “Love is like a hammer. “Poem 18 for April.


  Love is like a hammer…

(Poem eighteen for April.)

I left Michigan in 1991 and I sat in the Jazz club at 12 pm, trying to write a poem. The Jazz man was playing the songs, so good. He asked me. Johnnie, you need a song. I told him. I want the saddest and most honest song you can sing. I put twenty dollars in his tip cup. He thought a minute and he told me. I got your song my friend. The saddest song I know. The song is called. Love is like a hammer. He begin to sing and I started bleeding to the paper. 

“Love is like a hammer…

My dear love, beautiful Eve told me. If you leave me today. Please don’t come back no-one. If California loved you so damn much. I hope she can make you happy. I returned in 1994 and the…

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