Vũ Trọng Quang | THE WORDS AND POETRY (12)


By Vũ Trọng Quang, translation by Nguyễn Thị Phương Trâm




Poetry is the manner of chasing endless words

the words constantly on the road

words the epitome of yearning

poetry’s status is an endless worry

watchful of the oddly translucent dark clouds

poetry confronting the impossible


words: the difference between fish & soy sauce

poetry: embodies the bittersweet sadness

light reflected from the murky vitreous

necessitates adjustments for a clearer vision

since life is a small ray of light


words is a flash of light

poetry is the startling gunshot

through a strangely difficult crowd

as you stand there like a full stop amidst this world

viewable only if so wholeheartedly


words are powerless for so long

words are used in a crisis while there’s no crisis in poetry

both are entangled and wrapped around on top of each other

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