Stay with me…


Stay with me

A Poem by Coyote Poetry
"Rare times in a life we can find comfort with another. We need to hold on till the dream disappears."

Please stay with me…

 I sipped my coffee.
I watched the movement of the branches outside my bedroom windows.

 It was a stormy night in Michigan.
Your beautiful nude body laid on the top of the blankets.

 I watched your movement of your body. 
Nightmares seem to steal all your sweet dreams. 

Your body trembles and shake.
 I go to you.
I caressed your  beautiful face.

You wrapped your body around me and
I caressed your back and legs.
Roll my hand through your long blond hair.

 I found you by the lake.
On a beautiful Germany  Summer day.

You walked by me and I could not forget your face.
Your sweet and gentle smile.

 I found you again on a hot August…

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