Connected Roots

My Inspired Life

Reflective tears burst
from the one standing in Sonoran dirt,
flowing from a realization,
that they are similar, she and the foreign bloom.
Rooted in soil, not stained with her crimson-colored origin.

Verdant leaves burst
from a tree held upright by the compact dirt,
providing respite and protective shelter to life above,

offering nutrients, fruit, and protective shade to life below.
Standing in soil, grounded in its native origin.

A rose in the desert grows,
answering to the name, Lady Banks,
not Desert Rose.
Expanding her reach and returning to her glory
year after year.
Without paparazzi, red carpet, or fanfare,
briefly and sometimes unexpectedly,

she does appear.

Stretching toward the sky,
a blooming Lady Banks and her nurturing desert rose
share warm rays, a love of beauty, and a longing for a distant home.

A place unknown – their hidden roots connected and forever bound
to their place of…

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