Mojo a-coming…


 Mojo a-coming…

 I left Ann Arbor in 1990. The dead man walking had nothing to lose. Joined a war to see, if he was alive or dead? The damn war taught me, Johnnie was dead yet. I learn l loved the taverns and the opportunities to dance with the devil.

Johnnie left Iraq in the Winter of 1991, roamed for 40 days in the cities of sin. He danced in the city of New Orleans with a dark-skin voodoo lady. She saved him, the kind woman showed him, life is hard and we must be harder. They danced and drank, she whispered love words till the morning light. She held him tight and she gave him a thousand kisses. She told him. Old Johnnie ain’t dead yet. I feel your mojo coming back. Time for you to steal from life, no-more the beggar from Michigan. Be the lion from Detroit…

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In Need

Sarah Doughty

“This need I have for you, it echoes,
like your lungs, when you need air.”

I watch as the moon creeps up into the night sky and I begin to wonder if you’re feeling this same sense of longing as me. I’m wondering if you feel this pull too. You know the one. Where it feels like the only thing you want in this very moment is to be in the arms of your beloved. But it’s more than a want. It’s a need, deep in the marrow in your bones. It echoes, like your lungs, when you need air. So tell me, my love. Do you feel it too? Do you miss me as much as I miss you? Like it’s an open wound and the only thing that can heal it is these hands of mine?

© Sarah Doughty

Sometimes I wonder,
but deep down, somehow,

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Source of Inspiration

Hours of silence
but never silent;
inside, my mind connects
with others; outside
birds fill my heart with song.

The floresta is home
to my companions.
My horse greets me with
gentle neighs and
snorts of welcome.

My gate stands open
to visitors who stop
by for a quiet walk
in the floresta,
an hour of exchange
while being rocked
in colorful hammocks.

Alone–almost never,
and when I am, my
world is filled with life,
peace, and a knowing
that grants serenity.

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Burden of Love

Source of Inspiration

You carry the burden of my love.
Run if you will, but
your shadow goes with you.

I carry the burden of your love,
at times, a rock of pain,
other times, a lesson in compassion.

We carry the burden of God’s Love,
a mirror in which we examine
our ability to love without fail.

Submitted to Monday Potluck Poetry

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Teach Me How to Love

Source of Inspiration

Teach me how to love,
how to see the beauty in each soul,
to love the pain, anger, and sorrow
of another struggling as I do.
Show me the wisdom of duality,
a hard, but powerful teacher.

Teach me how to love
so completely that I only
see with eyes of compassion,
feel only kindred souls,
desire only to be One with All.

Teach me how to love
as You do, unconditionally,
without end, patiently waiting
for us to leave behind
the veil, and awaken to who
we really are.

Make my daily mantra be,
Teach me how to love!


Submitted to Monday Potluck Poetry

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