Mws R Writings

One by MwsR

One breath,

Just one breath could be your last

Your last of everything, just that fast.

One thought,

Just one thought could make or break you

Make or break your spirit or lift it, it’s true.

One excuse,

Just one excuse can keep you from something great,

Something great or needed, before it’s too late.

One chance,

Just one chance can impact those around you,

Those around you, that are blue.

One word,

Just one word that cannot be taken back

Cannot be taken back, and that will impact.

One heartbreak,

Just one heartbreak that does internal damage

Internal damage and gives you baggage.

One moment of silence,

One moment that could bring clarity,

Bring clarity despite your calamity.

One person,

Just one person can do a lot,

A lot to help, to give, and some will not!

All rights reserved. MwsR 2021

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